Patio Enclosure BuildersAs a builder of quality patio enclosures, we can transform your outdoor seating area into a room designed around your lifestyle. Whether you want a room to be used all year round or a simple screened entertainment area, we will create the space that suits your needs and fits your budget.

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As a general contractor for over 20 years we have provided countless designs tailored for each client including sunrooms, family rooms and even complete outdoor kitchens. No matter what the extent of the project, we will design it and build it especially for you.

A Room for Four Seasons
Your paved outdoor space can be turned into a beautiful room for entertaining and relaxing. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors year round, while remaining comfortable during the hottest and coldest days. With the use of large thermal glass windows, the outdoors and indoors can be blended together while you, your family and friends are sheltered from the elements. Rainy days no longer have to put a damper on your entertainment plans. Call us for estimates on affordable patio enclosures for all seasons.

Three-season Rooms
Quality three-season patio enclosures are a great way to enjoy an outdoor feel in the spring, summer and fall – and even some of the milder days of winter. Ceiling fans whirring overhead combined with shelter from the sun will keep the space comfortable even on a hot summer afternoon. Add a gas barbecue, refrigerator and even a wine cooler for your own outdoor kitchen. Because there is no heating or air conditioning a high quality patio enclosure estimate will be well within most budgets. We can use your existing footprint to save you on construction costs. Just give us a call and get a free estimate.

Patio Builders Hoover Solarium
Solariums are types of patio enclosures for those who enjoy looking at a moonlit sky at night or a colorful sunrise. These spaces are constructed with thermal glass all around and above for maximum light. Originating in Europe, they can be year-round rooms kept warm on winter nights with thermostatically controlled heat. They are the perfect environment for an indoor garden. Visualize yourself relaxing to the sound of a gurgling fountain while gazing at the changing sky. We can make it happen easily and affordably.

Screened Patio Enclosures

As a patio enclosure builder we realize that budgets may be an issue. An affordable screen room is a good option for people who want outdoor living space with protection from sun, rain and bugs – but who may not be ready to add a finished room. The beauty of screened enclosures is that this space can always be converted into a year-round room in the future.

Hiring a quality patio enclosure contractor to build your dream space is a sound investment. It adds to the square footage of the home while being more cost effective than an actual framed room addition. The return on investment these enclosures give you can be as much as 100 percent. Even if you do not have a patio or your existing one is not suitable to build over, we will provide one for you in any style, material and color that you prefer.

Patio Enclosures Birmingham, Hoover, VestaviaWe are known for designing and constructing the best patio enclosures for every home. Yours will look like part of the original construction and suit the architecture of your house. We guarantee the finest materials and products available, and we guarantee our labor.

If you have decided to convert a simple paved space to an outdoor living environment, or even a year-round room, give us a call for a free estimate. You have made a wise choice and we would like to help your bring that decision to reality.

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