basement finishing in Trussville, ALBasement finishing in Trussville, AL can be completed for much less money than you may think. One Call Remodel provides affordable and beautiful home remodeling and additions.

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Is your basement unfinished with nothing more than concrete walls and exposed plumbing? We can help turn the downstairs into the living space you want.

Maybe you need additional bedrooms or a bathroom. Perhaps a fully functional recreational area complete with a basement kitchen and game room. Whatever your needs or wants, we can bring it to life and often do it for less than any other licensed, insured and reputable basement contractor.

Basement Finishing Contractors

There’s much more to consider when you hire a contractor for this type of project. Most of the basement finishing in Trussville, AL was done at the time the home was built. To save money, many homeowners opted out of completing the basement.

Knowing all the ins and outs of homebuilding is an important quality to look for when you want quality basement finishing in Trussville, AL. They know about such things as load bearing walls and foundations.

Basement Finishing Ideas

basement remodeling contractorsSometimes it’s hard to get remodeling ideas or see the potential that you have in the space below your home. Plumbing, wiring and cobwebs don’t help to get the creative juices flowing. Let’s see if we can help. Usually, there are three types of basement finishing that people are looking for. These are:

  • Basic. Blank slate – This is what we call it when the homeowner only wants the basics: Flooring, Ceiling, Finished & Painted Walls, Climate Control and Lighting. This generally creates a wide open usable space.
  • Semi. Half & Half – We give this name to those who want half of the basement finishing in Trussville, AL to be for entertaining and the other half to be for storage. Usually there is garage access with this type of downstairs remodeling.
  • Complete. Full Blown – Ah, the cream of the crop. This is a complete basement finishing project that uses every inch of space for a very specific purpose. In our galleries, you will see a beautiful example of this. This basement finishing in Trussville, AL includes: two bedrooms, a large bathroom, dining room, full size kitchen, living room with 70 inch flat screen for football games and movies.

One Call Roofing provides basement finishing in Trussville, AL as well as the entire Birmingham area.