finishing attic space in BirminghamAttic loft remodeling can create the type of room that you’ve wanted for a very long time. Design a hideaway where you can get away from it all and yet be close to the rest of the family. Most quality conversions are completed quickly and meet almost any remodeling budget. One Call Remodel makes it easy by offering top quality work at a very fair price.

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Today’s attic loft designs are more varied than ever. With the right reinforcement, climate control, wiring and plumbing, you can move almost any type of room from the main living area to the top of the house. It takes a general contractor with a high degree of skill in these trades, and we have been doing this work for more than 20 years in the area.

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Planning Your Project
Attic loft conversions are a unique project. It’s not as simple as it looks. All surfaces need to be finished; they need to be strengthened; they need to be specially ventilated; and they need to be insulated against the extreme temperatures that assault your roof. These are the most basic elements that must be considered when hiring a local home addition contractor.

As a professional, experienced general contractor, we can look at your attic space and tell you immediately what type of attic loft conversion is possible. Then we will work with you every step of the way to bring your attic loft ideas to life.

Attic Loft Conversion BirminghamThink Outside the Box
Bring us your ideas, such as pictures you see in home design magazines or on the Internet. Tell us what you’re lacking in your home now. Attics can be very versatile spaces despite their quirks and constraints. When you work with us, you will be amazed at how much room you have and how show-stopping this space can be.

  • Attic Windows- We can add windows and skylights to brighten up those angled ceilings and narrow areas.
  • Decks- An outdoor deck can really expand the attic loft and make it versatile.
  • Chimney stacks- columns and pipes can become architectural grace notes, becoming the basis for half-walls or partitions, and add great visual interest.
  • Balconies- A balcony overlooking a lower living area can make an ideal loft.

Create the Perfect Living Space with an Attic Loft

Let us turn an under-used area into a room you will use all the time. This space can be perfect for that music room you’ve always wanted, a home gym, a luxurious master bathroom with skylights, or a teen sanctuary complete with study area and extra beds. Built-in bookshelves and cabinetry are popular attic finishing additions, lending themselves to a reading room, den or office.

Most people automatically think of the top of the house for storage, and you don’t have to sacrifice that if you choose another purpose for this space. We can fashion store rooms on either end of the rafters – the narrowest areas – while allowing plenty of functional living space, too.

We Know Building Codes
To turn this part of the house into a livable and comfortable space, you need a highly skilled contractor who knows the ins and outs of code compliance. For example, your attic will need a minimum of usable space that is 7’ x 10’ and at least half of that area must be 7-1/2 feet tall.

You will need a conventional staircase instead of a hatch with folding stars. Windows will have to be operational to meet safety code requirements.

Attic Loft Company in BirminghamWe have the expertise you need to overcome the challenges this space poses:

  • The floor joists often need reinforcing; otherwise, it they won’t be able to bear the load of people and furniture.
  • You will need insulation and added heating and cooling capabilities.
  • Ventilation might need to be adjusted.
  • Electrical and plumbing runs need to be done with precision.

Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. You will feel confident in your decision after talking to one of the most experienced builders in the area. And if an attic loft is not feasible, consider basement remodeling or other home additions. We have been in business for two decades and know how to turn a house into a larger, more livable dream home.

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