unfinished attic space in BirminhamIf you need extra room in your home, an attic conversion company might be just what you need. Create a sun-drenched hideaway, a cozy bedroom or a home office with a balcony. We are a general contractor who specializes in creative home additions, well designed and solidly built. We can help you get the most out of your attic.

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This area is a common place for stashing junk, holiday decorations and other things that typically crowd closets and garages. This is especially true if you have a small basement or none at all. But if you want more out of your square footage, think of the space just under your roof. If you have rafters, it is easy to turn it into the room of your dreams.

Is a Quality Attic Conversion Right for You?

Rafters and reinforced floor joists make it relatively easy to do attic finishing. The only obstructions in your way will be chimneys and vertical piping, posts, and collar ties – the horizontal boards that run across the rafters. However, these can be turned into striking attic design elements in our skillful hands.

The natural roof angles can lend themselves to a room that is cozy and visually interesting. Add artwork, casement windows, dormers or skylights. We can also build dedicated storage rooms or design cabinets and drawers along the perimeter.

A professional attic conversion can personalize this space easily with an almost unlimited choice of flooring, wall coverings and chair rails – features that can visually make the room seem larger. Just ask us. With your ideas and our creativity, we can make a beautiful, livable addition at a very reasonable cost.

Creative Attic Conversion Designs

Attic Conversion IdeasYour plans will depend on how large your under-roof space is, of course. But let’s consider a few possibilities:

Bedroom – If you have a lot of room under a high-sloped rooftop, you might want to consider an extra bedroom suite combined with a sitting area or a game room. Guests will love its cozy feel.

Office – Combine an office with a workout room and a half-bath for those times when you need long uninterrupted stretches of concentration. The upper level also lends itself to a quiet study area.

Second family room – Plenty of comfy seating, a big-screen TV and a combination of natural and artificial lighting can create a great sanctuary for families or teens. In some cases you might be able to add French doors and a balcony – perfect for enjoying a beautiful day with a treetop view.

Luxury bath – If your home doesn’t lend itself to adding an over-sized master bathroom next to your bedroom, an attic conversion company can create a private, amenity-filled bath. Chances are you will have room for a separate shower and tub, his and hers sinks, even a mini spa.

Or create a dramatic stand-alone soaking tub with a large window right overhead – peace, quiet and privacy! Even in smaller spaces, a glass shower surround can often be built right into the angles of a dormer and add a touch of luxury. It will look like it was meant for that space.

What You Need to Know
Attic Conversion IdeasA quality attic conversion may not be feasible for every home. Building codes typically require attics to have minimal square feet of floor space, and at least half the area (usually 7′ x 10′ minimum) should have a ceiling that’s a specific height. Trusses, which have web-like interior angles, present engineering challenges. In those cases it may be possible to alter them and if so, we’re the ones to do it.

A livable attic remodel must also have room for a full access staircase – not a hatch – of specific dimensions. If your attic does not seem to fit the bill, you can still enjoy more space in your home. Ask us about our basement design and built-out home additions.

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