Attic Finishing Ideas in BirminghamProfessional attic finishing allows you to add square footage overhead and enhance the value of your home. This is one of the more complex home additions, so you will want to hire an experienced contractor with a solid knowledge of codes and requirements. You have found that – and design expertise – right here.

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It’s easy to feel you have run out of space in your home. New babies, elderly parents moving in, or a new telecommuting opportunity can leave you scrambling or cramming. The answer might be found right above your head. In many cases, an attic finishing contractor can give you room to grow, or at least offer more than just upper-level storage space.

Attic Finishing Ideas

It’s the ideal place to put a spare bedroom, or move older kids there if you have a new baby. The top of the house is a great way to add more space for activities like studying, reading or lounging in front of the TV. Rafters make the space cozy and inviting, while dormers and skylights incorporate natural light and ventilation.

We also can help you with your storage needs using built-in shelves and perimeter drawers. Light, design-forward elements like ceiling fans, pendant lights and bench seating add style while maximizing every square foot. Let us take a look at your existing space and suggest ways to make this part of your house feel more like home.

Planning Your New Space
When we sit down with you and discuss your project, we will make sure you understand both the great potential and the limitations of quality attic finishing. Features like collar ties, posts and chimney passes need to be integrated artfully into the overall design – and we can do it with spectacular results.

Plumbing must tie into existing runs to prevent low water pressure and greater expense; and your electrical capabilities might also need bolstering. The floor joists will likely need to be strengthened to handle the added weight. We have it all covered.

We relish a challenge, and have what it takes to make your upper level a functional and integral part of your house. It is one of our most popular home additions we do.

Experience and Capability
Our company is a general contractor with the ability to take unused square footage and give it new life. As you can see, this is not a job for a less experienced builder. The margin for error is narrow. You can rest assured we can find solutions to most attic finishing challenges. We have 20 years of experience creating expert finishing projects. Meeting the various codes and safety requirements are paramount to us.

We consider your insulation. The space under the roof can get incredibly hot in the summer, so we always suggest more protection against thermal transfer. Rigid foam boards can do the trick. Or spray foam, while more expensive, will afford greater R-value in a narrow space. Insulation in the flooring will also deaden the noise level between the main living area and the attic.

Attic Media Room in BirminghamWe also consider ventilation. You aren’t likely to use this space if it is drafty or prone to mold and mildew. You will also prolong the life of your roof if the uppermost space is vented well. We are a highly experienced and will perform the remodel quickly and efficiently.

Hassle-free Service
As an experienced attic finishing contractor, we can handle the project from start to finish, working with our staff and drawing from reputable subcontractors only if necessary. We know your redesign is important to you and it must be done with skill and attention to detail. The quality of our workmanship is guaranteed in writing, and the price you are quoted will not change.

When you want to add to your overall living space and maintain storage, consider quality attic loft remodeling. We have what it takes to create beautiful, functional living areas right above your head.

We proudly perform attic remodeling in Birmingham and the nearby communities.